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I chopped off my hair ... it's now shoulder-length.
I also tried to ombre it at home (without bleaching) ... I've used dyes that have lightened my hair before, I didn't want a dramatic ombre, just a subtle one, and all of my other dye has grown out and been cut off, so I figured I'd be good to go.
Well, the brand I chose was misleading ... it did nothing :(
So, unless I want to try bleaching again, I'll have to wait for my hair to grow out again ... and I don't really want to bleach, because my hair is coarse enough as it is.

I never cry at tv or movies, but I totally cried at Doctor Who a couple of weeks ago, and nearly again last week and this week. oh man. Neil made fun of me, because I cried before he did.

I'm working really hard (for me) to lose some more weight. I'm down to 191.5 lbs. I'm hoping to get to 175 ... maybe even 170 by my Birthday. That's 16-21 lbs in about 21 weeks.
I also don't want to completely focus on my weight via the scale. I sucked it up and measured my waist (ugh) and took a "before" photo, so I can compare as I go.

My plan is to keep getting better at eating and go out for more walks.
I've been playing around with breakfast smoothies - right now, I'm using an almond/coconut mild blend, a small banana, some frozen berries (blackberry, blueberry, black cherry), a big handfull of arugula, and 2 tbsp of crushed flax seed. I leave at 6am, and finish the smoothie about halfway to work (6:30), and on most days, I've been pretty good until lunch at 11.
I've been sticking to my 5k (3.1 mile) walks every Sunday, and last week, I started going out on my lunch break again. I want to try and keep up a minimum of 3 times per week while I'm at work. I also take the stairs down instead of the elevator. I'm not in quite good enough shape to take them the 7 floors up, but I'm working on it! I do use the stairs to go 2 floors up to the lunch room to get sparkling water.
I just need to get better at walking up the hill to get home. It's been so cold and gross out though.

Now to get off my butt and walk up the hill to grab some more arugula, because I'm out! Then to make my lunch and go to bed.

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Apparently normal paper glue will not hold parchment paper.
I should have thought of this, since parchment paper is meant to prevent things from sticking.
Must figure out how to adhere parchment paper to itself.
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So, my store has perfect oranges on premium today, and I figured why not share the love, so I posted on one of the (many) AC Reddit communities.
A girl asked to come over and sell her oranges, she offered a tip, so I asked for a (regular) orange or two, because my town is still new and I wanted some non native fruit to plant. She came in and dropped oranges, cherries, apples, persimmons, pears, lemons and bamboo! 2-3 of each, and 8 bamboo.
I think she made a decent amount of bells though, she made 3 trips to the store!

some other random person just dropped nearly 400,000 bells as a 'tip' for me letting him sell his oranges in my town. yowza!
I need awesome premium stuff more often!
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I woke up on Monday with a sore throat, and it's still there now.
I actually woke up at 5:30am with my throat so raw and sore that I was a little worried. I mean, even turning my head hurt my throat.
I managed to fall back to sleep, and it felt better when I finally woke up, but wow.
Drinking tea now (Lady Grey) with some honey in it, and feeling a lot better.

We got randomly invited over to a friend's place for a BBQ last night ... it was pouring rain out.
It wasn't really a BBQ, but we did have BBQ Salmon (with ginger, brown sugar and lemon cooked on a cedar plank). It was a salmon that our friend's dad caught.

I got a recipe for Welsh cakes from our friend's mom. I picked up some currants yesterday, so I think I'll try out the recipe today!
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I went out into the rain to check out the local costume shop, since the one I went to yesterday was a bust. Well, this shop is closed already :( I have no clue where I am going to find a brown fedora now.
On my way there though, I walked past a consignment shop and in the window, there was a red corduroy jacket on a mannequin. I went in and asked if I could try it on - it won't close and the sleeves are a *touch* too tight if I try to bend my arms all the way, but for a costume piece, it will work just fine. Best part? It was $12!!
My excitement in this costume has been restored.

I'm going to make not-Cornish Pastys for dinner tonight (Pillsbury biscuit dough filled with ground turkey, onion, potato, and turnip, seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper).
I had no idea that Cornish Pastys are actually a protected foodstuff - they have to meet very specific criteria in order to be able to be called a Cornish Pasty.
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Here's how far I am - hah!

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Large dinners over and done with for a few days ... bluh.

Going to Neil's parents' this afternoon for lunch (for his birthday which was on Thursday), then I have to go to work (3:15-11:15 boo, hiss)
I work the late shift again tomorrow, but we have to go grocery shopping in the morning.
Then, I get 5 days off - it will be glorious.
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Christmas party was nice last night - great food and all that.
I did sideswept hair - it was cute and easy, but I don't think I'll do it again for Neil's party, because even using 11 bobby pins, my hair was too heavy and it kept sliding backwards.

Grocery shopping today, and I'm going to buy a turkey. I could wait until next weekend, but then I think I'll be stuck with whatever is left. I just have to figure out how to fit it in my freezer. I just looked up thawing time in the fridge - 4-6 days for a 20lb bird! I think we'll be going with slightly less than that, but still - sheesh!
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I'm a little to dedicated to making a costume, I think.
It started with me learning how to knit so I could make the 4th Doctor scarf, just for shits and giggles.
Then I decided that I'm going to hunt down some clothing and make a 4th doctor costume that I can wear to conventions and for Halloween in 2013.
Well, if I do that, I can't just have any purse, so I'm going to make a TARDIS purse
But then I need the TARDIS Key and the Sonic Screwdriver ...

Thankfully I paint action figures for $$ and I've decided that this year that $$ is going to my costume.
I'm planning on making the 4th Doctor's TARDIS key myself out of Miliput, and I'll buy the Sonic Screwdriver from amazon or something.

For the purse, I was thinking of trying to make something simple like this
But then I also found this cute one. Only problem with that one is, I'd need to find the base purse first.
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I FINALLY got the rest of my December work schedule.
I actually have the 24th to the 28th off along with the 31st and 1st.
Pretty crazy!

This means I can go to Christmas dinner at Neil's parents' place AND I can host my own dinner for my family on Boxing Day (everyone else is working, but will be off in time for dinner).

I'm a little bit intimidated by making my own turkey - dad has it down to such an art (seriously, it's amazing being in the kitchen with him for all of the preparation). He showed me almost every year how to do everything by sight and smell. Maybe my step-mom has the day off and will come help? It's mostly the stuffing and the gravy - I think the bird itself will be fine.

Just waiting for my latest manicure to dry before I clean it up around the edges, then I'm off to the mall to try and get some Christmas shopping done before work.


Jun. 15th, 2012 10:29 am
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Mission "get a kitty" is in full swing *muahaha*


My sister's boyfriend is evicting her cat because the baby is getting into the food and litter a bit too often for his comfort, and he's worried about the cat hair.
To be honest they can't really afford it either.


Neil sent me a text this morning to see if we can go take a look at the cat on Saturday to make sure we're not allergic (I am allergic to some cats, but not others)


Trying not to get my hopes up.

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so, I got an email on Monday regarding the position I applied for.

It essentially said "thanks for the application, but we had a preferred candidate who accepted, so ... sorry!"

I'm a little frustrated - if they were only pretending to hire, they could have at least put the effort in and done interviews. Especially since they posted the position, and one of the people in the department actually came down and said "nobody has applied yet, spread the word!"


to make matters worse, we've had like 900 people on hold all this week, so I'm not allowed to do my job, I have to answer customer calls. I am not cool with that.
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On my way to my granny's house to do laundry, I tripped on an uneven spot in the sidewalk and went down like a ton of bricks. Thankfully my hands were unscathed, because I was holding the laundry basket, but I tore my pants and skinned my knees but good. The pants were my old yoga pants, so no big loss there (whew!). Granny gave me some alcohol swabs to clean the cuts and holy crap - one side was fine, but my left knee actually started spasming a little. I haven't applied alcohol to a cut in ages, I forgot how much it stung.
I feel like such a dork.
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I don't think I've ever done this before.

Neil has talked to this girl online for several years, and now she needs help.

Her daughter has been through hell and back with an undiagnosed medical condition.
The insurance company is fighting their referrals, so she is having to pay out of pocket for the medical costs.

Here is the story, and at the bottom of the page is a link to buy handmade bracelets to help out:


Feel free to share.
Thank you.
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I'm finally getting trained in our phone sales system at work. We primarily use one (dos based) program (CBS) for all cable and internet related sales, and for phone, because it's more complex, they have a different system that is linked to our main one (ComX).
It seems pretty straightforward, but I really don't like that they train us and have us do all examples in pairs - one person has to do the CBS parts and the other person does ComX, we switch it up for the next example, so we each get to do both systems, but I'd like to do one complete order by myself before being thrown back on the phones.
I THINK we get to do one today, as it is the last day.

We had a secret Santa at work - I got one of those popular metal water bottles, but it's black with a silver Jack Skellington and vine pattern on it, I got black shoelaces with red skulls and roses on them and a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans. Pretty much everyone else got either bath/body products or candy. I think my secret Santa either paid attention (I have a Nightmare Before Christmas purse) OR they talked to one of the guys that I talk to a lot (he's got the same water bottle - I know it wasn't him, because he told me who he got, and I saw him bring in the present)
I gave my partner something from Lush, but I think it went over really well, because it actually got passed around the room so everyone could see/smell it (the guys were really interested in the Santa shaped bath bomb)
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looking up gluten free recipes while making pancakes.
The Neil's mom wants something homemade for Christmas, and she is celiac, so it needs to be gluten free.
I found one for mint-chocolate chip cookies. Sounds yummy.

Going Christmas shopping later today.
Hitting a mall that is never busy.

Then out to Steamworks restaurant with one of Neil's coworkers and her friends.
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Home with a sinus infection - lovely.
The doctor told me to take tomorrow off too. I'll have to see how I feel later today - I don't like missing work. Though having a doctor's note makes me feel better about it.

I will probably spend the day sewing and reading.

I should also run up to the grocery store and get some chicken noodle soup and orange juice.

They're coming out with a new Aayla Secura action figure for the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon series. I just saw a quick clip of it on G4 Tech TV, but have only been able to find minimal info on UK sites, saying they should have it in January. I will have to keep an eye out for it.
I have this one already, but that's more of a statue ... it has no moving parts.
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I'm skipping on the overall hairdye-ing for now, because there is more black left than I thought. I have, however bleached the roots on the streak that I have at the front of my hair - it looks rather amusing as the roots are bright yellow and the rest is a pale minty green - I put some bleach on the green for just a minute or two, I don't want the hair to get too dried out. I hope it will be okay putting the vampire red on.

There is a thunderstorm going on right now.
I thought I heard thunder about 10 minutes ago, but then there was nothing else. Then, as I was in the bathroom rinsing the bleach out of my hair, there is a loud rumble right above my head and the building shakes.
It looks like it is moving further away now, and the lightning is pretty sparse, but holy cow it's loud.
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My gaming group wants me to run a D&D game.
I have decided that if I do, I want it to be a whimsical game, and I don't want hyper-optimized characters, because they bug me.
I suggested this, and they thought it was great and went running - I think they've tentatively decided on an all-gnome party.

Now I just have to come up with a storyline ...
And I should start hunting through the monster manuals for silly monsters. (I'd be running 4th Ed)

Also, as we just finished the module we were running through in Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40K RPG), I have to make a new character for a short D&D campaign.

I'm such a nerd.
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The Legion of Justice and Caeke

OH MY GOD, I need all of these.

Holy Shit. So cute.

And to top it all off, proceeds go to Child's Play Charity
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