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#4 Fairy Wings - described as "... The smell of warm sunlight, fresh cucumber and ripe blackberry"
This one has a pretty strong jasmine scent. I could pick up the berry, and it was definitely warm, but I just found that on my skin, the jasmine was too strong.
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#3 - Mayhem - described as "... The smell of smoke mixed with woods & spice"
Definitely fits the description. It didn't smell exactly like a campfire, but it certainly reminded me of one. I think the spicier ones mix better with my body.
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#2 - Vexing - described as "... crisp clean meets fruity floral yet are not lost in the exotic charms of incense spices."
It smelled pretty incence-y in the package, but once I got it on it was pretty floral (kind of like a floral incence really). I think I'm picking up gardenia (if I remember my scents correctly). Anyways, it didn't mix very well with my body oils - it gave off an odd scent that was a little "thick" - I don't really know how else to describe it.
But, I think it's off my list for the big day - I'm just not really a floral person.
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Okay, for the next ... couple of weeks, I'm going to be testing one scent from my gothrosary sample pack per day, then I'll post a couple of sentences on it - I'm hoping it will help me narrow down which scent I will wear for the wedding.
The only one I won't be testing out is Crypt, because I already wear it nearly every day - I love it, but I want something different for the big day, so that when I wear it on odd days in the future, it will bring back pleasent memories.

#1 - Can't Wait Demeter - described as "ripe pomegranates and harvest scents ..."
I was unsure of it in the package, but I think the plastic was still holding on to some of the other scents. Once I got it on, it had a lovely pomegranate overtone (luv!). I think it's a little bit on the heavy side, but it's still really nice. I'm sure one can gather from the description, it is more of an autumn scent.

now ... what to test out tomorrow?

actually, come to think of it, I probably won't be testing Seasons Greedings either - while it's nice, I don't think I'll really want to smell like Christmas in the middle of summer.


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