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Neil has slowly been telling me what he wants for his birthday or Christmas (5 days apart) - most of it is things I will have to order online, so I guess I better start shopping soon.
I'm also trying to figure out stuff I want, so I can give him a list, but I have to make it a slightly longer list, because his parents always ask him what I want, so he'll use the list to give them ideas too.
I also have to figure out what to buy for other people.

I really don't want to go to work today - I haven't worked a Sunday in ages, and I'm only working this one, because I'm a sucker and traded with someone, because they needed it off.

Then after work I have to go to the comic store and play an RPG that I'm really not enjoying - it's the Warhammer 40K one, and it's not very good at all (well, mostly the module that is being run is just plain horribly written)
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I know that I will appreciate the 3 day weekend next weekend, but I'm so not ready to go to work this morning after only yesterday off.
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My mom called this morning - the mailman came with the doll, but couldn't take a cheque for the customs fees, so he had to take it to the closest post office, and mom is going to try to pick it up tomorrow.

I just ate a whole little container of grape tomatoes - I guess I was hungrier than I thought tonight. At least they're healthy right?
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It's Turkey Day in Canada today.
So, naturally, we're having Neil's family's traditional Thanksgiving hamburgers for dinner
Way better than Turkey.

The USPS tracking page is down, so I don't know how close my doll is to arriving. I'm pretty sure it will get here tomorrow or Wednesday. I hope they deliver it to my mom's without any problems. I'm working regular business hours all this week, so it will make it a little difficult to pick up if they don't.
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I was bad last week and didn't do any yoga. I was still doing the 1km walk up the hill, but I would come home and just veg out.
I'm back at it this week though. And I'm doing the full warmup and cooldown, not just the short one that I started out with.
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I am finally fully prepared for doll arrival and customizing.
I have spray sealant, pastels, watercolour pencils acrylic paints, gloss coat and brush cleaner, eyelashes, eyes, wig, shoes and a dress.
I am getting very excited, doll will be here soon!

My dad works security at an art school, and there is a really great art supply store right across the street, so I took the bus to work with him today and picked up the last of the stuff I needed.

My character in last nights RPG died spectacularly, so I have to make a new one. Which is always a pain in the butt.
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My doll is being shipped from Korea this Thursday!!
*dances like a goober*
I think they're going to be shipped direct, instead of going to the dealer in the US and out from there.

I haven't finished a single thing for her to wear!

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I got an email from the doll dealer today - they're still waiting on info from the actual company, but they asked how I would like my package marked for shipping - merchandise or gift and what value did I want on it.
I decided to go for full disclosure, because, well, I don't want to be stuck with fines or higher customs costs, and at the price the dolls go for, marking it as merchandise or gift makes no difference whatsoever. (in Canada, only gifts under $60 are exempt from taxes/duties)
So, I hope this means that it will be shipping soon ...
(man, I should probably make a doll filter ... especially when I get it and start taking photos)

still headache-y and not feeling too great, but much better than over the weekend.
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visited with my mom for a bit and helped her carry groceries and other such things that she needs for their little camping trip this weekend. It's for a family reunion (I'm working, so I can't make it), and she just needed some snacks and things. They will be camping on a relative's farm, and he will be supplying the major meals.
She bought me some candy and stuff too, which was very nice of her.

I have to convince the Neil that we are going grocery shopping tonight.

Tomorrow, we will be hanging out with some random girl from the internet. She's on subkultures.net and was complaining about the lack of friendly people in Vancouver - Neil spotted it and said "Lets be friends!" she will be meeting us at my work tomorrow afternoon. Should be interesting.

I just ate a plum, and it was delicious.

I am sewing a dolly bikini and a dolly dress.
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I wore my new boots to work today.
I now have broken blisters on my heels, but it's okay, because I got to sit most of the day. I'll give my feets a rest tomorrow and just wear my runners or something.

When I got home, I had a nice cold shower and it was glorious. (though it made my heels sting like crazy the first couple of minutes)

I really hope it cools down this weekend.
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I called my mom the other day to let her know my package from amazon.com is on its way.
She asked something about my doll, and if I had any idea when it will be coming. She refers to it as my "baby" My mom is very weird.
(holy shit, creepy, right after I typed this out, my phone rang and my mom told me the amazon package had arrived ... I'm picking it up from her on Friday)

drinking lots of cold water and trying to stay as cool as possible because it's fucking hot

I'm sure leather boots are the last thing I need in this weather, but I'm going to go buy a pair of 14-eye Docs today. I keep buying cheap shoes and they'll last me for 6 months (or less ...), but it's about time I break down and buy a well constructed pair of shoes.

Time for a cool shower and then off to get prescriptions and expensive shoes.
Then home to clean ...
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Our anniversary has been lovely so far.

This morning after sleeping in, we went out for breakfast at the same restaurant we had breakfast at on our wedding day before we parted ways to get ready.
After breakfast, we drove out to the Capilano Suspension Bridge and walked around (I didn't very like the middle of the bridge - I wanted to take photos, but I just couldn't let go of the railing!)
After that we drove up to Whytecliff Park and climbed around on the rocky cliffs at the water - got some (hopefully) nice photos. We then went into the park and sat in a shady patch on the grass to relax. I got some photos of a bee sitting on a clover - the bee was very funny, it wouldn't fly. After sitting on the one clover for about 20 minutes, it crawled down to the grass, climbed up the next clover stem, wandered around the flower then crawled over to the next one.
We left the park at just the right time - it started to rain as we were going down the freeway.
We came home and Neil had a nap (little guy gets tuckered out so easily)
Then we went out for dinner at a yummy Greek restaurant.
Now we are being nerds and sitting around on the internet, and watching the thunder and lightning storm outside.
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Neil is an awesome husband.
He went to visit his old landlords this evening, and presented me with some lilies from their garden when he came home.
They're the same type of lily that I used in my wedding bouquet - probably the same plant :)
It's our 1 year anniversary tomorrow.

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I had a new-hire sit-in today. They were actually 'hands on' job shadowing. So, for the first while, I was doing everything, and for the last few hours, I was doing the talking and he was doing all the typing and creating orders, processing payment, etc. I still feel like I'm new, so it was very weird training someone. (I started in September)

it's only 10:30, and I want to go to bed.
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So, I didn't get a photo of my hair last night, and it looks goofy right now (got out of bed not that long ago).
Someone else got a photo of Neil, myself and Camilla d'Errico at her gallery event (one of the photographers for the gallery) and they will be putting it up on facebook soon. If I can't get a photo, I'll just link to that one.
Anyways, my new hair kinda reminds me of this photo of Gwen Stefani, except my hair is black with a shock of turquoise at the front. It wasn't my intention for it to look like that - I was going for a chunky textured bob - but my hair is naturally curly, and with all the texture the hairdresser put in, it takes that shape all on its own. I'm not complaining.

Speaking of Gwen Stefani, my cousin got to go to the No Doubt concert last night. We were both introduced to No Doubt when Tragic Kingdom came out - I was 13 and just going in to highschool. We both loved what we heard, and have loved them ever since.
Neil and I ran into my cousin on the way home last night, and he gave me one of the souvenir books from the concert.

Last night was a lot of fun. I felt kinda bad for our friends because there weren't many people there for their set. After they were done, we took off before the next band started and hit up Camilla's show. it was nice. We kinda hung back for a little while, there were a lot of people who wanted to see her, but when she saw Neil, she came out from behind her table and gave him a big hug (that's when the photographer came over and asked for a photo). We chatted briefly, then let her get back to signing stuff. She had a print of one of her black & white drawings, and she did a "live painting" We watched that for a bit, then headed back to the pub for Nim Vind. We got there for the last two songs of the second act, and we were glad we missed them.
Nim Vind was pretty good (though it's always hard to tell at pub shows, because they never have the microphones loud enough). We bought their CDs though - we were only going to buy one, but they didn't have change, and we only had a $20 bill, so we bought both

Neil is off on his Sunday bike ride with my cousin. I'm waiting for the oven to heat so I can make breakfast. I'm having potatoes with garlic and cayenne and scrambled eggs with cheese and smoked sausage. Yum!
Then it's off to granny's house to do laundry.
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I got my hair cut this morning.
I'm taking a brief break from cleaning house to eat something and dye my bangs (hooray for easy multitasking!).
I shall (hopefully) take photos tonight.

We're going out tonight to see my co-worker's band - they're opening for another local band called Nim Vind.
I think we're also going to Camilla d'Errico's Tanpopo clothing release party. Neil met her at our local comic conventions a few years ago, and she's become quite popular.
It's going to be a busy evening.
Neil won't be home until 6:45-7 and we have to eat and get downtown.
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The Emperor and Empress of Japan were outside my office building today.
I didn't get a chance to see them though.

At work tomorrow they're having a barbecue, and on Thursday it's pizza day for all billing representatives.
What with all the freezies, popcorn and ice cream they give us, I think they're trying to fatten us up for something ...

Neil wanted to order a couple of books off of amazon, we were almost eligible for free shipping, so I tossed in a 'learn to bellydance' DVD. I've wanted to learn bellydancing for many, many years. I took a beginners class a few years ago, so hopefully some of it stuck.
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I've been sleeping in lately, and I don't like it.
Especially because next week I work early shifts!
Neil woke me up today at 8:30 to say goodbye as he was leaving for work. (yeah, yeah, 8:30 isn't too bad for sleeping in, but I like getting up earlier)
Hopefully now that the weather has cleared up again I will start waking up earlier.

I think I'm having an allergic reaction to something. I'm all stuffy and watery-eyed. Thankfully I bought some allergy medication (on an unrelated matter) a few days ago.

I'm using an old pair of pajama pants to make a doll coat from a pattern I found online (this will be the practice one to see if I can do it ... I'll make another one out of better material later). The pattern I found was for a 60cm doll, and I did some research and scaled it down for the 43cm doll I'm getting. It looks good so far. Though (and I should have known this already) I should have attached the sleeves BEFORE sewing up the side seam.
Sewing it all by hand, because I don't have a sewing machine available at the moment (no room for one ...)
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I got an email at work today stating that I had a package waiting for me. I was all confused for a minute until I saw that I wasn't the only recipient. I went and picked it up, and it was a photo and a photo holder.
A few months ago, I got to take 2 days off of work and got paid to sit around listening to presentations on the history of the company I work for, and the services / products that it currently offers and to meet people from other departments that we might never see.
The photo was of our "class" and the photo holder is a little blue cube with the name of the program on it.
Some people thought it was very sweet of them. I think it's nice, but rather cheesy.

I made peach-pear iced white tea the other day. I wanted something sweet to drink, and tea was the only thing I had in the house, so I combined my peach white tea and my pear white tea and experimented. It was really good.
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I hate it when I come online with the intent to post something, get distracted by something else and completely forget what I wanted to write.
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