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I'm finally getting trained in our phone sales system at work. We primarily use one (dos based) program (CBS) for all cable and internet related sales, and for phone, because it's more complex, they have a different system that is linked to our main one (ComX).
It seems pretty straightforward, but I really don't like that they train us and have us do all examples in pairs - one person has to do the CBS parts and the other person does ComX, we switch it up for the next example, so we each get to do both systems, but I'd like to do one complete order by myself before being thrown back on the phones.
I THINK we get to do one today, as it is the last day.

We had a secret Santa at work - I got one of those popular metal water bottles, but it's black with a silver Jack Skellington and vine pattern on it, I got black shoelaces with red skulls and roses on them and a bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans. Pretty much everyone else got either bath/body products or candy. I think my secret Santa either paid attention (I have a Nightmare Before Christmas purse) OR they talked to one of the guys that I talk to a lot (he's got the same water bottle - I know it wasn't him, because he told me who he got, and I saw him bring in the present)
I gave my partner something from Lush, but I think it went over really well, because it actually got passed around the room so everyone could see/smell it (the guys were really interested in the Santa shaped bath bomb)
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